Móðir svarar brjóstagjafa-tröllum fullum hálsi

Okkur finnst það alltaf jafn skrítið þegar einhverjir eru að skipta sér af brjóstagjöf mæðra – eins og hún komi þeim á einhvern hátt við. Áströlsk móðir fékk nóg á dögunum þegar nokkur tröll voru farin að angra hana verulega og birta athugsemdir við brjóstagjafamyndir sem hún póstaði af ser á samfélagsmiðlum. Yfirleitt voru þeir með leiðindi og ásökuðu hana um athyglissýki og að þetta væri ógeðslegt.

Eftir að hafa hundsað þetta í einhvern tíma fékk Nadine Muller nóg og svaraði fyrir sig. Hún skrifaði kjarnyrtan póst og bjó til millumerkið #WeFeedUnited þar sem hún skorar á aðrar mæður að tagga myndir af sér til að breyta almennum hugmyndum gagnvart brjóstagjöf í þeim tilgangi að gera hana að eðlilegum hluta tilverunnar.

Gjörningurinn hefur vakið mikla athygli og við tökum undir með Nadine.

[TROLLS] If u've followed me for a while, u will know that I’ve adored the breastfeeding journey I’m on with Madden, it continues to b one of my life’s sweetest of joys & I am gratified & incredibly passionate about it. Despite best efforts within society, there is still controversy & somewhat ‘taboo’ surrounding breastfeeding, today another attempt to shame me on my social media was tried…Firstly, there is nothing ‘weird’ or ‘gross’ about these photos & there's no difference in me feeding my child with my breast than someone feeding him/herself with a spoon! Secondly, how about we simply appreciate that any mother has options, the right to her own choices, to feel supported & respected, the right to not have to hide, in fact the right to SHARE & POST proudly if she feels comfortable to do so! … FACT: Mothers don't post these images & videos purely for attention. They don’t post photos purely to make a statement. They don't post coz they think everyone should nurse their child out in the open. They don’t post advocating that breastfeeding is the only way a baby should be fed. They post because they are #proud, to give other mums encouragement, they post so that other mums feel accepted, supported & respected. So that mums know that it is ok, in fact it is more than just OK, it is celebrated & admired. We share photos to let all mothers know that however u feed ur child, breast or bottle, that it’s a beautiful act & bond between a mother & her young, we share photos to advocate that it can be done wherever, whenever & HOWEVER (covered/uncovered) & that u can do so without judgement. Mummy’s I urge u to keep posting ur photos, don’t fall victim to these people who want to discourage u, keep doing the good work of mothering!!?? … I’m proud & confident to STAND UP to people’s ignorance & enjoy the bonding with my child for all it is worth. If my feeding pics bother u, unfriend, unfollow or plain old mind ur own damn business! … ??MUMS!!! I put this to U, stand up, tag AWAY, repost this &/or post ur fav (past/present) FEEDING photo,TAG ME & hashtag #wefeedunited oh & feel free to tag @picmat to rub salt in the wounds too ???He needs to see these beauties!

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This is how we are spending most of the day ?? Thanks to those who have sent well wishes after seeing my instastory! Poor Madden has come down with the dreaded gastro bug ? I'm currently cleaning runny ? (that his nappy couldn't contain) off our mattress while I was putting the sheets and mattress protector in the wash for the second time (just my luck ?). The boss has insisted to wear one shoe the entire day, has been hanging off these on rotate whilst nipple crippling the other while he's at it, I've read the same Spot book about 50million times over at his request and I'm not even rousing on him for getting into all of the outta-bounds cupboards that he's obsessed with, WHATEVER makes you happy baby! ? Gastro can go EAD! ? . . . ______________________________________________________ #son #toddler #mumsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #instababy #sick #breastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #breastmilk #candidchildhood #lifewithababy #babyspam #gastrobug #motherhood #mumlife #realparenting #letthembelittle #parenthood #instalove #babiesofig #love #picoftheday #instamum #instamoment #instagood

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Nursing him continues to be one of my sweetest of joys ?15 months & going strong ? … ✨To the mums who breastfeed, I support you. To the mums who formula feed, I support you 2. To the mums who could, who couldn't, who chose to, who chose not to – I respect you. To the mums who breastfed for 2 days, 2 months, 2 years – I admire U ✨ . . A fed baby is a happy baby, and just as importantly a supported & respected #mother is too ? . . . ___________________________________________________________________ #fedisbest #breastmilk #breastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #toddler #mumsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #instababy #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #lifewithababy #babyspam #umh_kids #motherhood #mumlife #realparenting #letthembelittle #parenthood #instalove #babiesofig #love #picoftheday #instamum #instamoment #instagood

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